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Thread: PPS liners for finish storage?

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    PPS liners for finish storage?

    I'm posting to ask what peoples' experiences are using PPS liners for longer-term finish storge?

    I routinely cap my liners and leave them in spare non-H/O cups during a job, and that works terrifically. What I'm asking about here is longer-term storage, on the order of weeks or even months. Do the liners hold up to solvent exposure well enough for that to work?

    My motivation for asking is that I accidentally left dewaxed shellac in a capped PPS liner for many months. I had apparently squeezed all of the excess air out prior to capping, such that the filter was completely wetted and there wasn't much air to oxidize the finish. I'm also in the habit of tipping the liner to wet the cap, which probably helped keep it sealed. When I uncapped and sprayed it yesterday it still worked perfectly, and rather better than I would expect from mixed dewaxed shellac that had been stored for that long in a mason jar or fixed-volume bottle. What I'm wondering is whether I can do that with a broader range of finishes?
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