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Thread: Catalpa wood for turning?

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    Catalpa wood for turning?

    I have access to a few Catalpa (we called it Catawba when I was growing up)

    Has anyone turned it? How was it? Is it worth getting?
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    One of my favorites. Turns well, good color.

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    It is a rather soft wood, with a funky smell, but it turns rather well, it is also split proof to dry with never a split or check showing, even large chunks left sitting dry without splitting.

    The first one is made from a large double crotch and had lots of chatoyance, though it has turned darker after some years, the other is a smaller wobbly bowl that feels just nice to hold.

    Large Catalpa crotch bowl.jpg Large Catalpa bowl.jpg Catalpa bowl.jpg
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    Have fun and take care

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    A soft light weight wood with beautiful grain, stable when dry, and a soft brown color. Turns and finishes easily.1818.jpg

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    Maybe I need to go get that 24"+ diameter, limb section, I just cut off out of the brush pile, from the Catalpa in the front yard??
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    I agree with the previous comments. some additional opinions:
    * It is very corrosive to steel while wet.
    * It is very stable and takes longer than most to dry (consider turning to finished thickness while wet)
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    The smell does not agree with me..... When finished and sanded, you pick it up, and it just doesn't feel right because it is very light weight. Color is nice...

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    Often ignored is that is extremely durable--good enough for fence posts--should make great outdoor items like birdhouses ect. It is an escaped tropical species--big leaves, durable wood, open crown ect.

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    You folks are a wealth of valuable information, I think I will try some!

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