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Thread: I have an old aerisol can of Rustoleum primer

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    I have an old aerisol can of Rustoleum primer

    I want to dispose of it. Any suggestions on how to do it.
    I'm thinking about spraying old news papers and letting it dry
    and then put the paper with the dried paint on it in the trash.

    The other alternative might be to burn it.


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    I hope you don't mean to burn the can. It will explode and then the contents that are released can spread the fire.

    You could spray it on newspapers and then dispose of properly.

    At my old place of employment we used to puncture the can to release the pressure and then throw it in the trash. Where I work now it goes to the environmental dept. and they have a machine that punctures the aerosol can and captures the contents for disposal.
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    You might check with your town/city to see if they have a household hazardous waste progrsm. Most do these days.

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