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Thread: I finally pulled the trigger...Unisaw 34-750

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    I finally pulled the trigger...Unisaw 34-750

    edit. 34-450...not 750

    Minimal rust, passed nickel test, belts ok.

    Older Unifence and rail

    Stamped wing extension

    I think it is 1973...serial FV9790

    3 HP Baldor

    $550..hopefully that is a decent price and it is my last first and last table saw
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    Clean looking saw. Congrats!

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    Congrats! That will be a very nice addition to your shop!

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    Real solid saws with the best fence ever made.Congrats,Mike.

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    Sounds like you got a great deal. Now get busy and make some saw-dust.
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    Congrats and looks great!

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    Nice. I saw that in the Rochester CL. Congrats!
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    Just found this 1950's Unisaw posted on our local craigslist, has the egg motor cover supposedly all original. I'd pounce on it but I'm looking for a 12".

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    Nothing wrong with that deal, but those arbor bearings likely haven't ever been changed, so put new ones in now before you put the saw into service. The bearing number is on the side of the bearings and they are easy to find through bearing and industrial distributors like Grainger, McMaster, and even Fastenall. The Unifence is worth about half what you paid for the saw, even in used condition, although I prefer the side table be on the right of the saw (it can be either way.).

    I think you will love the Unifence once you learn what it can do. The fence extrusion can be attached to either side of the main casting and it can be positioned for either a high or a low fence and it's working length can be easily adjusted. I bought a Uni-T- Fence extrusion from Peach Tree Woodworking that I use when I want T slots in my fence to attach accessories and I kept the original fence extrusion, so I have the best of both fences available and can switch extrusions whenever I want to. You can also easily adjust the length of either fence by just sliding the fence extrusion forward or back and then locking it in place. Peach Tree also sells a 16" version of their Uni-T-Fence that's great for when you want to use the fence as a position stop for cross cutting with the miter gauge, but either long fence extrusion can be pulled back and used this way too, if the length of the fence beyond the front of your saw when it's in this position doesn't get in your way. At one time Delta sold a short version of the original Unifence extrusion to use this way, but they are nearly impossible to find used. The short 16" Uni-T-Fence is better anyway.

    I added a Wixey DRO to my Unifence, and also added an additional encoder strip and extrusion so the DRO can be used on either side of the fence and to the full length of the Unisaw and table. The DRO module of the Wixey attaches magnetically to a piece of steel that I attached to the bottom on both sides of the Unifence main casting. So the fence can be removed from the saw and then placed on either side of the DRO module. With the DRO I can set up the fence for the same cut in the morning and again in the afternoon and get pieces cut within 0.005" of each other. I haven't ever needed to cut anything more accurate than this.


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    I just gave a NOS seventies Unisaw to a young fellow just starting out. I bought it because it was new but did not really have room for it in the new digs. It was a good saw, used it while I built my house and then it just sat as I have other saws. You have a good saw, enjoy.

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