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Thread: Talk me out of a used 5hp Sawstop?

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    Talk me out of a used 5hp Sawstop?

    This would be replacing a 3hp 1999 Unisaw that I bought used on CL. I've added a sharkguard adjustable riving knife and the guard, never use the guard. It's also a 36" model. The adjustable riving knife is cool but a hassle to have to manually adjust it and make sure know to raise the blade and run it into the riving knife.

    That said....

    I'm going to look at a 5hp single phase Sawstop tomorrow evening. It's 12 years old. It is a 52" model so I'll need to cut down the rails OR store them and find a 36" rail set. Cheaper to cut them down likely.

    I can sell my Unisaw for $1,000-$1,300 likely.

    Getting it for $2,000.

    Thoughts? Is it too old? I'm going to get shit from the fiance as we are in wedding planning mode but whatever can't pass the deal up.

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    Assuming Sawstop is in great condition and you have the money it is a no brainer.

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    I have one of the original 5hp industrial ST’s..

    I paid $1800 for it with a blade that would not hold 90% or crank up and down without a struggle. Both were easy fixes with the excellent help of a sawstop tech.

    For short money I was able to upgrade the internal of the saws dust collection and the blade guard. I also made a new side table as the original was destroyed. A sheet of black laminate and some scrap 3/4 plywood a quick poilish of th tables and the saw looked and worked as good as new.

    I have used and use lots of machines, both at and for work and just because I love quality tools. The sawstop at the price you are talking is a very nice tool by comparison to your Unisaw....

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    This saw will not cut anything the Unisaw wont. If you want to upgrade look for a slider. I bought a Minimax sc2 for $1200 . After having it for the last six months,I will never buy another cabinet saw again. I have a Unisaw with a sharkguard just like yours. I really like it,the riving knife keeps the saw much safer and the guard part works well at picking up dust. It is a bit of a learning curve with adjusting, I cut the bottom portion of the riving knife so I can pull the thing right out. Mostly for using my dado stack. Only you can decide what to purchase but I would say that switching to another cabinet saw is a lateral move not a step up. Mike.

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    The SawStop is an excellent saw that can also save you from a serious injury. I'd certainly buy it.

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    Why cut it down to 36" do you not have the room for a 52"?

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    I moved from a PM66 to a Sawstop ICS 5HP. It was a major upgrade IMHO even if you ignore the blade break. My 1990 PM had a nearly useless blade guard and no riving knife. The Sawstop had much better adjustment capabilities to get the blade heel adjusted (look up blade heel). I spent like $2000 on top of what I sold the PM66 for to upgrade. No-brainer in my opinion. (PS, I am assuming this is the Sawstop Industrial saw given it's 5HP and that old).

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    Are you spending money for something that does what you already have? I think both are excellent saws but why spend more money? You can probably do fine with your Unisaw. If your going to cut the Sawstop down I would stick with the smaller Unisaw.

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    No brainer as others say. A sliding saw is not the same as a SS because it has no blade break.

    Get the dust collection blade guard and the slim above the table tube afterwards. No other cabinet saws offer better dust collection than this setup.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Buehler View Post
    Why cut it down to 36" do you not have the room for a 52"?
    No room for a 52" in my garage I don't think. The way the jointer, planer and router table are situated I don't see how the 52" would fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon MacGowen View Post
    No brainer as others say. A sliding saw is not the same as a SS because it has no blade break.

    You're correct that a sliding saw is different from a SS, but the lack of a blade brake (in the sense that you're referring) is a non-issue. You don't need a wiener brake on it because your wiener (or any other extremity) doesn't get anywhere near the blade. If it is, then you're using it wrong!

    The real things that makes the sliding table saw different than a SS, are things like straight line ripping, larger capacity, ease and accuracy of handling sheet goods, scoring blades, etc...

    A slider is an upgrade to a Unisaw. A SS will add a level of protection if you put your hand into the blade, but won't add any other functionality over the Unisaw's capabilities.

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    So it seems to boil down to whether you are looking for more functionality or more protection.

    More functionality needed? Buy a slider I suppose.

    Desire to to reduce the possibility of serious injury? Buy the SawStop or a slider.

    Get two for the slider.

    I do not have either but do see the logic...

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    I would personally spend the $1000 for a SawStop insurance policy

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    I see the appeal of a good slider, but if space is an issue, do you have room for a slider? The stroke on a slider can eat up a ton of space.

    I would trade up to the SS, just because it is a great saw and I have wanted one for years. So I am not the most objective person on this issue.

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    I would trade up to the SS for the riving knife, Flesh sensing is a perk that I hope I would never enjoy. Upgrading for the expected $700-1000 is a reasonable upgrade. I don't see the point of suggesting a slider unless you know of one in the price range that is avaialable.

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