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Thread: Martin OM Style Acoustic Guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by george wilson View Post
    At least I'm too far away for you to hit me!!!! ;0
    That's what you think!

    But seriously, what do you mean by "hollow edges"?
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    The places where the neck meet the sides of the body on your neck are convex. They,at the least need to be straight lines. Better yet,and I would not settle for less,they should be concave.

    I have never seen a guitar with convex surfaces where the neck meets the sides. It would be easy for you to fix the surfaces before you glue the neck on.

    Many Spanish makers glue their necks on while hey are still square all over. Then,they rasp and carve the proper shapers into the neck. That is doing it the HARD way ! It also makes it all too easy to cut the side and ruin the whole guitar.

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