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Thread: One thing leads to another.

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    One thing leads to another.

    I got a lathe and started turning because I wanted to make a few intended items. Turning has become a bit of an obsession for me. I have been turning Christmas ornaments that a charity sells to raise money. Acquiring tools and stock just seems to outgrow the alotted space. Well a lady showed me an ornament she got last December and painted. I turned the wood but never dreamed how nice the piece could look. She painted it with an airbrush. It gave just the right pizazz that I don't think a old fashioned brush could ever match. The figure is a Victorian style lamp post. It almost seems to be lit and glowing, though it is only paint and a piece of wood. So now I am looking into acquiring and learning how to use an airbrush.

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    Yup...there are always new skills to learn and stuff to buy to use them. It's one of those natural laws or something...

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim becker View Post
    yup...there are always new skills to learn and stuff to buy to use them. :d it's one of those natural laws or something...

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    There are a number of very slippery slopes related to woodworking tools.
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    We all jokingly call it the vortex for a reason.

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    Just started doing air brush demos. There seems to be a demand. I just purchased a new Grex Airbrush and their compressor. I highly recommend that. I fiddled around with other airbrushes and struggeled to do what I wanted and the new one is really much easier to use. It depends on what you want to do however. I can do some of my tricks with the $9 Harbour Freight airbrush. Here is an example of my latest. It will be in an article that Joe Flemming is doing for American Woodturner magazine. It will probably be a couple months away but should be a good article.
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    any new activity that necessitates new cool tools that are affordable... is a very good thing by definition

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