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Thread: i think my laser controller psu is dead, but wanted opinions

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    i think my laser controller psu is dead, but wanted opinions

    hey all, i have a generic chinese red/black 60w 700x500. last night i was using it, paused it to check how the burn was doing, hit start, heard a pop, and the screen went dark. the laser and main power switches were still lit, the case fan and laser psu still on, but the led on the controller psu was dark. the fuse was intact. i checked all other fuses i could find, but of course they were intact as well or i would not have had main power. i tried bypassing the e-stop as well but it had no effect. i disassembled the controller psu and found some scorching around one wire that appears to be coming from a transformer. before i go ordering a new controller psu, i wanted to make sure i hadn't missed anything important for troubleshooting.

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    Put your volt meter on the 5V terminals coming from your power supply. I bet it blew. Mine did recently. I grabbed one out of an old PC and it worked again. Make sure to switch the PC power supply to 240 if you are using 240 or you will hear another POP.
    Chinese 6040 by NiceCut. Originally 60 Watt upgraded to 150 Watt.....I thought I had pretty much every problem in the book of laser cutting. It turns out that there is a set of books.

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