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Thread: Extend life of extra laser tube

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    Extend life of extra laser tube

    I ordered an extra Reci 80W laser tube when I purchased my laser. G. Weike tells me I should fire the tube once per month to keep the tube in good condition. I thought this was interesting, thought I'd pass it along.

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    Sounds like a ---- to me more trouble then what its worth.Take out the tube put in the new one fire it up take it out and put the other back in . align the mirrors and do this every month for the next 2 or 3 years. I think I'll wait till my tuve dies order a new one and d o it once
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    Yeah, I am hoping I didn't make a mistake ordering an extra tube and having it go to waste on the shelf. Live and learn!

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    Not sure why firing it every couple months would extend its life. It would however verify that it hadn't gone bad while being stored.
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    Kind of what I was thinking unless it has to do with getting the gases flowing? Who knows

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    Just the opposite, it's normal mode of failure is gas contamination caused by oxidation of the electrodes (Laser tubes actually have a small amount of oxygen in them) so firing them up once a month etc will shorten their life not prolong it on a stored tube.

    The gasses don't actually flow anywhere (other than in FG lasers) (surprisingly you can turn normal DC tubes into FG lasers)
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    They knew the tube life would be gone after a few years in storage anyway, so the excuse was that you did not follow instructions.
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    Anyone need an 80W Reci Laser tube? haha

    No, I'll just have to end up taking my chances. Live and learn.

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