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Thread: Marks on a laser tube

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    Marks on a laser tube


    I've used this forum for a while now and its been very helpful with getting stuff in my workshop running but this is my first time posting! I've just got a new laser cutter and I've noticed the tube has developed marks as seen in the attached photo.

    Should I be concerned? I've not used this sort of tube (CO2) before so I'm not familiar with them and a quick look online only mentions marks being a bad thing!
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    Usually just an uneven coating of catalyst on the inside of the resonator core....
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    Thanks, any way to tell? Its a brand new tube and obviously didn't come like that so it was worrying to see!

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    Just one of those things that happens with lower cost tubes to be honest, all DC tube makes occasionally throw out a won't really affect very much in general
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