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Thread: How would one ask for a raise?

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    Don't forget what things look like from your boss's viewpoint. Bumping you up $1-2/hour ($2-4K/year) may be a heck of a lot cheaper, easier, and less stressful than risking you leaving and having to train a new employee from scratch-- especially if business is busy and he can't afford reduced output. There are two sides to every situation and the more you can see what actually matters to the other party, the better you can be prepared.
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    That's kind of an issue though. Did they disclose that info to you when you got the job or during the interview? I was never told anything of the sort. I show up and work. And I work as hard as I can. I do my best to try to improve my work day in and day out, and supposedly it didn't go unnoticed. To me, that warrants a raise. I was specifically told yesterday by the VP we are in fact having a meeting come July. And I am very certain he knows exactly why I double checked, based on his wording.
    Sure, it's part of company policy. Just showing up to work and doing the job you were hired to do doesn't really warrant a raise. That requires going above and beyond the call of duty IMO. You're supposed to do what you were hired to do, that's why you were hired.

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