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Thread: WOP over Walnut Oil

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    WOP over Walnut Oil

    I just coated a cherry vase with walnut oil; the finished appearance is a little dull for my liking. My question is, can I put WOP over it? If I can, do I need to wait a certain amount of time, or can it be done now? Thanks.

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    You donít say what kind of walnut oil - polymerized? In any event, I would remove the surface walnut oil with mineral spirits and acetone. There will be residual oil in the wood that will retard the curing of the poly, but that would be quicker than waiting for the walnut oil to cure sufficiently to permit applying the poly.

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    I don't know if the oil is polymerized or not. It's Doctor's Walnut Finishing Oil.

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    That is good stuff and will eventually cure, but I would still remove all I could and start over with poly.

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    Thanks John

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    Can't remember if I ever did that or not... The WOP types of finishes generally are solvent based, which should cut through any of the wax left on the surface. The Doctor does have some high build finishes, which will shine better than his standard bowl mix.

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