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Thread: looking for advise with segmented bowls

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    I find a thickness sander does a nicer job getting the rings flat than does a planer. I think the planer flexes the rings more because it can only take so small a bite. I also use a bowl press to glue up the layers. I'm no expert, though. I've only done a few bowls so far, but no gaps.

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    I've tried most of the glue up methods. Ideally you need to get your cutting jig accurately enough to glue the whole ring together at once. Small rings I glue using rubber bands. Larger rings I glue with hose clamps. I have used the half ring method and the rub joint method to glue pairs. The problem with doing that is the ring never comes out perfectly round which isn't a problem for a lot of segmented work. However if you have details that need to align in each ring you will have problems. It's something we all deal with and you have to find your own solutions. I even went so far as to make all of my rings divisible by 4 so I could check the accuracy at 90, and 180 and true it up each time I checked. that helped but nothing is better than getting the segments so they fit and clamp the whole ring. When you start doing 16, 24, and 32 segment rings glueing up in pairs gets even worse and my friend and I think it's simply because the glue joint it self changes thickness. It only needs be off a thousands of an inch. In a 16 segment ring that's 16 thousandths which is a pretty good gap.

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    i was thinking of making 2 sleds one setup for 12 segments and 1 setup for 16. if i was to spend a day just cutting segments and adjusting angle to perfection I would end up with perfect segments every time Right? it'll take some time and burn up some lumber but id think it'll make life easier down the road.

    I've been trying to make bowls with segmented accents in them so getting all the segments to align is kinda a must. I know most people don't notice but I sure do.

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    2 fixed sleds once set up would give you near perfect segments. Make sure you runner for the miter sled has no play since any wiggle can throw off the segments. Some like the adjustable sleds but it needs to be dead on each time. There’s more room for error in my opinion.

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