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Thread: 100W tube in 80W laser set up

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    100W tube in 80W laser set up

    I just opened my laser tubes for my 80W LC6090 laser. It appears I was sent the wrong tubes and they are both 100W. I emailed G. Weike and am awaiting their reply regarding the issue. In my previous talks with G Weike, they said you canít run a 100W tube on the power supply that comes with the 80W. Is this true, has anyone experienced this?CF269614-DB84-403B-8FE8-191EDE40F547.jpgAE301878-C37E-41CF-819C-0F0CE2FC67A1.jpg

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    I would think they would have a pretty good idea of whether or not a tube is compatible with your power supply since they built the machine. And, normally, the power supply does need to match the tube pretty closely from what I've been told.
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    The tubes are tested at full power and that value is then written on the label. All of mine show wattages higher than their advertised values. They are probably just fine but waiting for confirmation from G. Weike won't hurt.
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    echo ^^^

    My 80 RECI has as 'as tested' label that says 110 watts. Your tubes are likely 'true' 80w tubes based on those labels.

    Another quickie test, are these tubes longer than the others?
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    These are my first tubes Iíve ever owned, just got my laser in my shop!
    heres another pic of its label. I hope youíre right! 008F8D84-9F09-4388-A761-394C987AD4D4.jpg

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    Rich and Kev, you guys are correct. I confirmed with G Weike.

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