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Thread: Thien Top Hat for 6" inlet

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    Thien Top Hat for 6" inlet

    Given the results of my searches, there's no shortage of posting on this topic, but I'm wondering, is there any definitive plan out there? Some (seemingly) crucial dimensions never seem to get agreed upon. Total height of tophat, slot width, distance of the bottom of the outlet from the bottom of the tophat,

    I use all 6" ductwork with a 55 gallon plastic (not a pickle barrel) drum.

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    Your best bet is to ask in Phil's forum ' rd=1.0 that is all that is discussed. From my recollection of my days in that forum, there were not a set of specific rules/dimensions mandated for the TopHat, just guidelines and iterations of ideas. Not to say there aren't plenty of specific plans available in the forum.
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    Hope this helps. Let Us know what you do.


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    Being the inventor of the original "Top Hat," I can tell you that almost anything you do will work. I built the first "Top Hat" to conserve barrel capacity, plus I didn't have to make allowances for the taper of the barrel / can. Phil's web site is a wealth of info.

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