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Thread: Bottle jack with jack stand

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    Bottle jack with jack stand

    File this under why did I not think of that.
    What do you think about it?
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    I like it. Good idea.
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    Most of the times I have used jack stands that wouldn't work. I've used the floor jack to attain a height that would allow the use of the jack stand. It's not a bad idea but only will work in select situations. Probably mainly on a pickup or full size SUV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronald Blue View Post
    Most of the times I have used jack stands that wouldn't work. ...
    It wouldn't work for me, either. I have several sizes of jack stands but even the shortest won't fit under some things I need to get under so I'd still need another jack. If a short one did fit, the lift would be limited and if fully extended, not as stable. Most often lifting high with a good floor jack and supporting with the biggest jack stand makes more sense to me.

    I also wonder about the practicality of the thin flat sheet steel tacked under the combo stand and jack. Ok on a nice clean, flat surface like in the video but it would probably get bent up on the rocks on my drive when working on the tractor or the bobcat.

    Could work well, although, in the right circumstances and if a floor jack wasn't available. (But I'd sure hate to work without a floor jack!)

    BTW, I use an aluminum floor jack, far lighter and easy to carry outside or put in the truck (and to carry to store somewhere).


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    Interesting way to deal with a problem many of us may not have.

    My metal jack stands are usually okay when working on a solid area. For a few times when something else was wanted 2X3s were cut into ~8" lengths and then nailed together to make a tower. The way the nails were driven needed to be taken into account so as to not drive nails into nails. It has been so long since these were needed it occurs to me they may have been left in California when we moved. The idea came from my father who made similar but bigger stands out of 2X4s. His were made for working on a small caterpillar tractor.

    Since then my problem has been getting under the car for changing oil. My solution was to make a couple of ramps upon which to drive the vehicle. These were made of 2X8 and 2X3s with cross bracing. It works great since the drive has a slight slope and when the car or truck is on the ramps it is pretty much level.

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    It's not a new concept, but those are fairly inexpensive devices. I'm not sure, based on the reviews of them I've read , that I'd be comfortable with them.
    Keeping a pair in the trunk for roadside tire changes would be okay.

    These cost some big $$$$, but I finally got tired of the jack, to jack stands, trick, and crawling around on my hands and knees, so I bought a pair a few years back.
    If you do a lot of your own work on cars, they're pretty easy to get your $$$$ back on. I still back them up with dunnage under the cars. I did that with jack stands too.
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