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Thread: Used Epilog mini

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    Used Epilog mini

    Hi guys. I am in need of some advice. I am currently looking at buying a used Epilog mini 24 40 watt that was made in 2010. The owner is the original purchaser. He used it part time to engrave small wooden items. He just had the tube recharged in December 2017. It's in good shape and runs great. What is a reasonable price to pay for this unit? Thanks

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    Not to be flip, but a "reasonable" price could cover a lot of ground. A reasonable price is somewhere in the region where you are willing to pay the amount and the seller is willing to accept it. Generally higher if the machine is "like new", clean and well-maintained, with a spotless good lens and mirrors. Lower if it's banged and scratched up, dusty and grungy inside with resin all over the grid and rulers, lens spotted or the surface is otherwise not a uniform clear and shiny finish, and/or mirrors look pitted or dirty. Higher if the seller isn't particularly in need of selling and/or you are particularly keen to buy it ASAP. Lower if the seller desires a quick sell and/or you aren't highly vested in getting this particular machine right now. You may also adjust up or down depending on number and condition of accessories such as a rotary device, air assist compressor, exhaust fan/system, extra lenses, other spare parts... A "reasonable" price likely will be higher if you realistically can quickly recoup your investment using the laser to generate sales, but lower if you are just getting it for fun or don't really know whether it will be able to pay for itself any time soon.

    I've bought two of these minis. I really, really, really wanted the first one, which was oder and only in fair shape, and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. The second one was fairly new and in mint condition; I wasn't really in the market for a second laser but the seller had to get rid of it fast and didn't want to deal with an auction site or advertising it. So the first and older and less desirable Epilog cost me about twice what the second, newer and better Epilog cost me, mainly because I couldn't wait for the first one and the seller couldn't wait for the second one. I was happy with each purchase so felt both were "reasonable" prices (at the time)... You can research recent sales and get a sense of the "going price" range. On eb@y it looks like they've been going for about $4000-$9000 (which is both higher and a bit more than the roughly 2:1 spread for the two I bought a few years ago).

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    This laser seems well taken care of and wasn't used a whole lot. The tube was just recharged also. What would you pay for this laser? Anyone have a price? Thanks

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    In situations like this I would find out what the current New price is then decide what percentage this machine would fall into, for example 60% of new??
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    I believe that the new price for this laser is about $15,000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott ramsey View Post
    I believe that the new price for this laser is about $15,000.

    In that case it's probably something I would consider in the $5k to $8k range depending on a few things.

    Does the recharged tube have a warranty?

    Does the price include an exhaust fan or fume extractor?

    Does the price include a rotary tool or any other extras?

    Does the price include a computer or any software such as Corel Draw?

    Are all the mirrors and lenses in good shape?

    Those factors along with the current shape of the machine would determine what I'd be willing to pay in roughly that price range. Just remember, it's almost a 10 year old machine now. So it will probably be a machine that needs some work at some point. That said though, Epilog support is excellent and will work with you to fix any problems that come up regardless of whether the laser has been purchased second hand.
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    He replaced the mother board a while back. It does come with an exhaust fan and Corel draw also. Epilogs support is another reason I want a epilog. I am thinking $6500 is a good price.

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    I think you're in the ballpark. Keith is right, check the lens and mirrors.

    At that age the motion system is probably due for replacement but you can tell from the feel of it as you move it slowly by hand. Look closely at items it has recently engraved to see the detail. This isn't a deal breaker if it does need to be replaced--just routine maintenance.
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    Thanks for the advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott ramsey View Post
    I am thinking $6500 is a good price.
    Has the seller told you an asking price and, if so, how does it compare with $6500? My thinking is that, since you feel $6500 is a good price, offer him the highest amount that you think is a great price, perhaps $5500, 5750, or 6000 as a starting point. If seller agrees, you get what you consider a great price. If seller declines, request a counter offer. If that is higher than 6500, bump your starting offer up a few hundred and try to meet seller around 6500. Standard negotiation stuff. Just make sure you have a maximum price in mind before you begin so that you don't wind up paying more than you want in the heat of negotiations.

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    Yes we have agreed to $6500. I already negotiated to that. Thanks

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    Congratulations! Sounds like you got a good deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Ramsey View Post
    He replaced the mother board a while back. It does come with an exhaust fan and Corel Draw also. Epilogs' support is another reason I want a Epilog. I am thinking $6,500 is a good price.
    Be sure to put a bandana over your face as that's a steal!!! I have no need for a 40w, but that price would be hard to pass up.
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