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Thread: Guide System for drilling bench etc. holes LR 32/Festool

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    Steve, I think I found that and did a little searching with negative results. About to do some testing with the bits (above), bushings which I bought from LV and a section of a Festool table I already have. I am hoping that some combination of 3/4” and 20mm holes will give me a way to use my Lee Valley Hold Down and Surface Clamp which I like. The challenge is finding a design that will allow me to use the Festool Clamps I also like and use frequently in the same holes. 3/4” and 20mm holes are close in diameter to start with, which is motivating me to try various combinations of holes in multiple sheets of 3/4 ply and or MDF. I am going to run some experiments, like Jim mentions a few posts up. I will post the results.

    The new bits do not work like Wood Owls at all. The threads in the new 20mm bit stripped out in the plywood as soon as the bit hit the wood. The threads held in the SYP (back hole) a little longer but the bit started spinning in the solid wood quickly too. Once a bit starts spinning it heats up very quickly, heat can cause cheaper bits to dull. My Noden AAB bench does not have a vise, further experimentation will have to wait until I get to a bench with a vise.

    The interesting thing, in my warped mind, is I do not see a visible difference between the new bit threads and the Wood Owl bits. I know the Wood Owl threads will pull a WO bit through just about any wood though. Another possible difference is the WO bits have three sharper spurs vs four “duller” spurs on the new bits. We could be back to sharpening issues again.

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