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Thread: Font Question in Corel

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    Font Question in Corel

    In Corel I'm trying to take a letter, for example, capital "P" and stretch the leg and make it curve with no success. Any suggestions?

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    Are you a newbie with Corel?

    There are 2 simple ways: Type the P, resize it, click on the background away from it, then click it as a box (instead of as editable text) then right-click> convert to curves.
    You'll now have a bunch of nodes around the perimeter. you can right-click a straight line segment and select 'to curve', then drag the curve you require by starting the moose in the middle of the line.
    Do the same with the other side and you'll have your curvey-legged P.
    The other way is with Effects>envelope>chose the single arc curve option (above the word 'putty')
    Then drag an edge or side or corner of the envelope to where you'd like it to be.
    Method #1 is better in this case.
    Best wishes,

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    Definitely a newby. I'm trying to see if I can "learn" and if that turns out ok I'll buy a laser Thanks for the help..... YAY, it works.....maybe there is hope for the old man!
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    If you want to spend some time and learn a bunch about Corel and it's uses for lasers, go to Youtube and search for Doug Green tips and tricks. He has about a million 2-5 minute videos showing how to manipulate items in CorelDraw.
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    Or search Corel Alex Galvez. He's been my go-to guy for a long time but I'm going to check out this Green fellow also.
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    I'm watching both of them, more Green than Galvez but I'll try to spread my time around. Thanks again. On another there a list of "practice exercises" for newbies anywhere? Just thinking at this point I "don't know what I don't know" and that might help clarify things for me?

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