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Thread: offset engraving on a Trotec Rayjet

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    offset engraving on a Trotec Rayjet

    My laser has been working nearly faultlessly for about 4 years. Its a Trotec Rayjet (the European model Rayjet, and not what is commonly known as a Rayjet in the US)
    I went to use it this afternoon to engrave some coasters for a customer. The coaster is 90mm in diameter and I use CorelDraw X8. The logo is centred in the 90mm circle and yet it engraves off-centre. I have cleaned the laser from top to bottom, rebooted the computer and checked my drawings but the engraving s still off-centre.
    I have heard of dirty encoder strips with regards to other lasers and how they should be cleaned if this happens. I dont know if this is the problem or it may be something else, but I don't know where they are on the Rayjet.
    Can some please point me in the right direction.

    Thank you

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