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Thread: Just got Scammed; want you to know 'bout it

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    Best of luck to ya Bill! Hope you get some REAL orders flowing soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcolm Schweizer View Post
    The scam is in the shipping. They get you to make the item, then they want you to pay the shipper directly, and add it to their bill. They are using a stolen credit card to pay, and really the shipping company is fake, and they ask you to send the shipping company a money order to pay the shipping. They get the money order, and you get nothing because the card is stolen and eventually Visa takes back the money.
    That's really sneaky and subtle - because you would not suspect the shipping company of drumming up fake business.... And everybody knows the shipping company always gets paid every time because they are just an intermediate service....

    You ship the "buyer" the item and the shipping company gets paid... Then the "buyer" returns the stuff and the shipping company gets paid again.... You end up with your stuff back less 2 rounds of shipping... The credit card company intervenes and takes the money back...

    You are now stuck with a bunch of useless engraved placques... But you would never in a million years consider blaming the shipping company - because that's just part of business.... In the end - you got shafted on shipping costs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Stearns View Post
    Hi again -
    The idea that any business, large or small, would pursue this type of obviously fictitious “order” blows me ‘way! - but, apparently, some do.The consensus seems to be that the scammer’s money is made, somehow, from the “shipping charges” ‘n their use of fake checks and/or stolen credit cards.
    When I Googled “Success Shipping Company” - the freight company provided to me - below their site I found the “scam alert” information I mentioned earlier. - might be worth your reading. I'm including the link:
    To Malcolm in the Virgin Islands - what’ a small world, uh? - was kinda interesting learning how your roads are named ‘n all. The scammer did e-mail me a “delivery address”, but I don’t feel I should publish it; I don’t want’ a carry this any further. Just hoping there’s a special place in Hades for the people who do this type of thing! All disgustingly sad, ‘cause I could use a (legit) order for 100 plaques ‘bout now! Stay on your toes, everybody!

    I agree- not good to post the address publicly in case it is a real address they used at random. Well- next time you get a VI address I am happy to check it out for ya. Glad you were wise. There is a guy here that I only know through another friend- they bought a car on Craigslist and sent him a money order on his promise to ship the car. I think scammers go through hundreds of wise folks before they find that one person who agrees to send the money. Often times these are elderly folks that are taken advantage of. Karma soon come.

    Funny thing- I found this thread by accident. Was thinking about some laser engraving and browsed by curiosity. Small world indeed that it was our tiny islands. I always say- “It’s a small island, and an even smaller world.”

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