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Thread: New Lathe

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    Thanks John for the electrical suggestions and advice. I think the 220 outlet under the deck will be on the list for sure. Again, I turn mainly when I need something round with something else I'm building. I've actually never turned a bowl, although I am sure I will give it a try at some point. This all sorts started when I started making some octagonal boxes and wanted round tops to go on them. Then the Jet Mini was limiting me to about a 10" round top.. With overhang, that means boxes about 9" or less in diameter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Prashun Patel View Post
    ... Some lathes - like the 18-36 vsn of the Laguna offer aftermarket upgrades like a gap bed or swing away attachment, so you can upgrade the features and capacity if you get the itch later, but don't reasonably foresee needing these on day 1. This was a big factor in my decision to go 'middle of the road'.

    One thing to keep in mind if you choose the "upgrade/get accessory later" path is don't wait too long! If you do, you might end up looking for goodies for a tool that is out of production. I got caught in this trap with my Jet 1014. It seems to me that it wouldn't have been too difficult for Jet to insure that the lathe bed extension was interchangeable between the 1014 and the later 1015, but nooooooooooo, it wasn't.

    hmmmm, maybe I should heed my own warning and set some sheckles aside for the next Laguna sale, so I can get the extension or swing away for my 18-36.
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