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Thread: Mesquite Source?

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    Mesquite Source?

    Hi All: I'll be going to San Antonio on the 21st to visit my daughter in her new life, and was wondering if anyone can point me to a source where I might be able to find some mesquite burl. Naturally, I'll have to have it shipped, as I'll be flying. Thanks for any help.

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    You may want to check in with John Hart. I think he was recently in that part of the country looking for the very same thing.

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    KC lives not far from San Antonio and he's definitely our resident Mesquite expert!

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    Yeah...I agree with Jim. KC knows it all when it comes to mesquite and he'd just be a short drive away. My family lives there and my brother has mesquite all over his property....but not much in the way of burls that you could just pick up.

    I do know that they don't come cheap though...happy hunting Ed!!
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    You might contact this individual. He PMed me when I asked the same question:
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    Ed, contact Dario Octaviano and tell him Tom Mullane suggested him to you... He always has some nice mesquite around... and at great prices...
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    Thank you guys for the leads. I'll let you know how I make out.

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    I currently have a project going on where I am selling mesquite bowl blanks to finance My wife and mine's upcoming adoption of a baby. I have been posting on other sites but have not had the guts to do it here since it is so frowned on. I am in San Marcos, just 40 minutes from SA. I would be more than happy to have you come by and visit and see if I have what you are looking for. You can also visit a website I set up for this project. The address is I have alot of mesquite and sell it on the honor system. My site tells more about it.

    I hope this message is not against the rules since I am simply responding to a member's inquiry.
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