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Thread: Spokeshave help please

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    Spokeshave help please

    Helloi like to make live edge cutting boards with maple. I like to keep the natural edge profiles and have using sandpaper and a block plane. Now thinking Spokeshave. Not sure what to get. Flat , concave?? Looked at lie Nielsen and the Hick Kit. Any help greatly appreciated

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    Philip, I'm not sure of what you are asking here, however, I think you are looking for a tool that would carve the edges of your cutting boards. Depending on how much wood you want to remove, a draw knife would be ideal for carving the edges. A spokeshave would take off less wood, but could be used as a finishing tool rather than sand paper. Experiment a little. Good luck
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    Philip,for that specific use I would go to a round bottom spokeshave. Veritas (Lee Valley) and Lie Nelson make good ones' Its a little harder to find the "sweet spot" with a round bottom shave but if you want to preserve the natural curves I think you wiil need the round bottom for the concavities.
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    I have used the Veritas low angle spokeshave for exactly that purpose and been very pleased with it. You can configure it into flat (or convex) and by flipping the front piece, you can use it for concave work. I find it works well on live edges of cutting boards as well as across the end grain.
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    Also look into Woodjoy Tools for a comprehensive range of spokeshaves.

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    Many many many years ago, I picked up a leaf spring from an automobile, cut to the shape of a spoke shave and heated and bent the handles around and installed wooden handles. Sharpened the edge and have found this to be an excellent spokeshave. Have just recently pulled it out for projects, holds a great edge and sharpens easily and works great!!!

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    Don't know your skill level but you should consider building your own spokeshave. There are many great instructional videos on YOUTUBE, both curved and flat surfaces. once i started making one, I couldn't stop because they were so much fun to make at virtually little or no cost.

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    Spokeshaves won’t help with a live edge cutting board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prashun Patel View Post
    Spokeshaves won’t help with a live edge cutting board.
    Well, that's what I was thinking too. Philip, can you please describe what you are trying to do a little more?
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