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Thread: How about posting some pics of what you're creating??!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Hale View Post
    Do you have any words of wisdom that you would mind departing with? I bought my fiber laser just to do stippling
    Ive been to scared to try it yet!
    Not really... I am new to this as well..I bought my laser in January and just when I think I have it figured out it does something I was not expecting..I started out with Inkscape but found Corel to be a better program for me. I had some old Glock frames to practice on but you can get them fairly cheap online. I find them new for around $50. I have tried many settings and keep a log because every pattern seems to burn different. There are some companies that have classes for this kind of thing but Im cheap and like to do things the hard I am learning on my own, lots of trial and error and reading posts on sites like this...Im no expert thats for sure but have made a lot of progress since I started...Good Luck

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    Few things that have passed through...
    Darren Wilson

    Tool Control Solutions

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    20180308_122322.jpgWe were asked to reproduce a brass plate for a church that was lost after the 2011
    earthquakes, they only found 3 in storage so we worked from a 50 year old photo, great result
    almost cant tell the difference between the 4, our one is top right
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    That's impressive work. Thanks for posting.
    Mike Null

    St. Louis Laser, Inc.

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    Woodworking shop CLTT and Laser Sublimation
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    Nice Vic! 'Real' engraving AND good repro work

    Just came across this pic, did this a couple of years ago for a guy, he wanted Kiss on his magwell, I'm still surprised how well it turned out--
    Customer made it, I sent it out to be clear anodized, did the etch with the LS900 C02, black Rub 'n Buff provided the color...
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  6. I get to do quite a bit of logo engraving on AR receivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Davis - Sturgis SD View Post
    Attachment 380719

    We do picture framing so here's a frame made from 100 year old barnwood with some leather feathers. Feather design is engraved into Delrin then stamped into leather.

    Outstanding work Bob please start a new thread about these frames.

  8. cuttingboard.jpg
    I made this for a co-worker. It was a gift for a friend.
    APLazer SN 2816
    I use Corel and Adobe for image editing.
    PhotoGrav 3.1 and Lasercut 5.3 came with the machine.

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    Looks great Melissa! Perfect artwork for that wood!
    Epilog Fusion M2 40 Watt CO2 Laser

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    I made a 1926 TV replica, all laser cut

    Cheers Keith
    Universal Laser VLS6.60, Tantillus 3D printer, Electronic design
    edns Group, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Colson View Post
    I made a 1926 TV replica, all laser cut

    Cheers Keith
    That's brilliant, Keith.

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    Playing with scroll work.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Keith Colson View Post
    I made a 1926 TV replica, all laser cut

    Cheers Keith
    Iím amazed!

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    great job looks awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Hale View Post
    Playing with scroll work.
    If the Help and advice you received here was of any VALUE to you PLEASE! Become a Contributor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Hale View Post
    Playing with scroll work.
    Very nice!!! If you don't mind sharing, what laser were you using?
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