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Thread: How about posting some pics of what you're creating??!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Hale View Post
    Do you have any words of wisdom that you would mind departing with? I bought my fiber laser just to do stippling
    Ive been to scared to try it yet!
    Not really... I am new to this as well..I bought my laser in January and just when I think I have it figured out it does something I was not expecting..I started out with Inkscape but found Corel to be a better program for me. I had some old Glock frames to practice on but you can get them fairly cheap online. I find them new for around $50. I have tried many settings and keep a log because every pattern seems to burn different. There are some companies that have classes for this kind of thing but Im cheap and like to do things the hard I am learning on my own, lots of trial and error and reading posts on sites like this...Im no expert thats for sure but have made a lot of progress since I started...Good Luck

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    Few things that have passed through...
    Darren Wilson

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    20180308_122322.jpgWe were asked to reproduce a brass plate for a church that was lost after the 2011
    earthquakes, they only found 3 in storage so we worked from a 50 year old photo, great result
    almost cant tell the difference between the 4, our one is top right
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    That's impressive work. Thanks for posting.
    Mike Null

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    Nice Vic! 'Real' engraving AND good repro work

    Just came across this pic, did this a couple of years ago for a guy, he wanted Kiss on his magwell, I'm still surprised how well it turned out--
    Customer made it, I sent it out to be clear anodized, did the etch with the LS900 C02, black Rub 'n Buff provided the color...
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