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Thread: Drawer slides

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    Drawer slides

    Thanks in advance, again.

    I'm fumbling through my first real shop project and hit a stumbling block.
    BTW, it's a flip top tool stand with a bottom drawer.

    Anyhow, I made a mistake and had to modify the drawer on the bottom.
    Instead of rebuilding the drawer, I continued.
    The problem is I, now, only have 1/4" on each side between the drawer and cabinet side.

    The slides I bought (cheap ones) won't fit.
    Are there slides made that will fit?
    I'm guessing I could take some 1/4" wood and make wooden slides?

    A different question.
    One side of the table will be for my miter saw.
    Undecided on the other side.
    Leaning to putting my router table which would free up the floor space my quick and dirty router table stand sits now.

    The other possibilities would be a jointer or, possibly, my drill press

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    You don't say how large the drawer is or how thick the drawer sides are. Rockler carries some miniature drawer slides that are only 3/8" thick that might work if you can recess them 1/8" into your drawer sides.
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    Larry, you should dimension your drawers around the drawer slides you are going to use. Typically side mount slides require 1/2" clearance on each side of the drawer so your drawer would be 1" under the opening width. For undermount, at least Blum, they require 3/16" on each side. It's okay to start over...especially if it's just the one drawer. We'll give you the mulligan. I take them all the time....winter rules you know.

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    Thanks, Lee and Nick.
    The drawer is 26" wide and 20" deep.

    Nick, the plans didn't specify a slide other than a 20" extension slide.

    Where the mistake was made I ended up putting the sides of the drawer on the outside of the front and back because of a previous mistake.

    My first thoughts were to call it "good enough" and chalk it up to experience because of how long I've been fooling with this.
    Have to pick times because I don't have much heat in the shop to be a free Uber driver for my 2 adult children who don't drive.

    Another thought is to go on with the rest of the project and come back to the drawer later.

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    Come back to it later, but develope a game plan on how to deal with it when the time comes. What is the drawer side thickness? If 3/4”, You’ve got room to recess as said above.

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    Thanks, Matt.
    It is 3/4"

    I used pocket holes and don't think I glued it.
    The bottom is 1/4" and glued but I was thinking I can score it.
    It shouldn't be a hard fix now that I think about it.
    and the insights I've gotten here.

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    Larry, my drawer sides are normally 5/8" thick and I usually put the slides in a dado in the drawer sides 5/16" deep, leaving about 3/16" between drawer sides and opening. I use 3/8" screws, grinding about 1/16" of the tip off. I do this to maximize the volume of the drawer and because I don't like the look of a big gap between drawer and opening. This is for my home drawers. I'm not a cabinet professional.

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    Thanks for that tip, Yonak.

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    You can try to re-engineer it, but I suspect you'll be quicker and more satisfied if you just build a new drawer. (Speaking from very recent experience of doing the same thing!)

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    You may be right, Rick.
    If it comes apart easily, I'll just re-dimension.
    It probably won't so I'll end up following your advice.

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    I'm still confused.
    But, that's my normal state.

    Appreciate if someone would help me out.

    Although I didn't have any time for the shop today, I wanted to check something.

    My drawer opening is 26-15/16 and the drawer is 26-1/16 which leaves 7/8" for a gap on each side of 7/16"
    The slides I am using seem to be 3/8" wide/thick.

    That leaves me 1/16" on each side if I built this true.
    Pretty tight, I know.

    I have cheap Richelieu 20" 3/4 extension traditional side mount slides.

    Even if I rebuilt new, how much room do I need?
    Thank you

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    Larry, the entire thickness of the slide does not protrude through the opening, half of the slide (however, not half the thickness) remains inside the cabinet.

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    I think I understand that.
    Let me ask another way.

    How much room should there be between the cabinet carcass sides and the drawer sides for the installation of the slide?

    When the drawer is closed, the whole slide is inside the cabinet.

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    Larry, there are instructional videos aplenty on the internet. I'm sorry I can't intelligently answer your question but I am only really familiar with one type of slide and there are many styles. Whatever answer I give may not be appropriate for your slides.

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    I've been looking at lots of stuff but don't seem to be smart enough to figure it out.

    Doesn't seem like it should be rocket surgery

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