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Thread: Osage bowl w/lid

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    Osage bowl w/lid

    Here's an OO bowl with a lid from another variety. The lid has 5 coats of PTO, the bowl has 3. And I see I didn't do a sufficient job of cleaning the bowl. Hope I can fix that.
    Anyone care to try to identify the type of wood on the lid?
    Sorry, no end grain slice. This is all I know of it. Turned it 3-4 years ago.
    The bowl about 2 years ago.
    The inside of the bowl is not done yet.
    Still learning how to sharpen scraper. Finished hollowing my yew root ball so now I have a chuck again.
    Now I understood why turners sometimes have several chucks. The yew root ball was delicate so I wanted to finish it before removing it from the chuck.
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