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    Next project

    After a forced absence, I am ready for a new project. Over the last few years, our household has begun to use slippers indoors in the Japanese fashion. There are always slippers and shoes by our front door. I sit on the stairs to change my shoes. It would be great to have a nice stool by the door.

    A few years ago, LOML and I were in Japan. I noticed their stools in Ramen shops and elsewhere. I have a photo of a four-legged version that I would modify. I sketched up some thoughts one afternoon, played around with Sketchup a bit , but decided I would test using a quarter scale model. My dear wife had a bit of balsa lying about searching for a project, so I was set.

    Blotchy fountain pen plan of the Front and Top in my sketchbook (Using an ink I will never buy again)

    Prepping stock - Using a #3 on my shooting board

    Cutting tapered legs

    Stupidly complex glue-up without physical joinery

    Dishing the top

    Top complete and legs are drying with a temporary top stretcher.

    Done! A fine afternoon's work.

    I learned a lot from the Mock-up. First, I was satisfied with some design choices I made. Second, It emphasized the need for thought in the order of operations. Third, if I were going to do this on nice wood, I would want to be confident I could pull of the Leg / Seat joinery. I imagined the joint as a through mortise and wedged tenon cut into a curved seat - top and bottom. The joint would need to be clean top to bottom at a complex angle (15 degrees rake, 15 degrees splay). I am thinking of curly maple. So my next bit of preparation will be joinery practice Mock-up.

    Disclaimer: Yes, there are easier ways of doing this. Yes, I could use blind tenons, loose tenons, round tenons, pocket screws or sixteen penny nails, but I purposefully picked a difficult joint to execute with hand tools.

    "no trees were harmed in the creation of this message, however some electrons were temporarily inconvenienced."

    "I resent having to use my brain to do your thinking"

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    Cool project, keep us in the Loop!


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