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Thread: Now for something completely different

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    Hi John,

    I am a Salvador Dali fan and you clok piece remins me of some of his work. Now, if you could just get the clock part to look like it is melting...

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    It's unique! I've never seen another quite like it, so that in itself makes it
    a heirloom item. A few years down the road & those kids will be fighting
    over it! I like it!!

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    John, this piece is very original and unique. It's one of those I've been thinking about since you posted it last night and keep coming back to look at. Honestly, my first reaction was that I didn't care for it but maybe that was because you presented it in a negative light. Now for my opinion of this morning. I think the form, finish and detail are excellent. It has a very artistic look to it. However the artistic part does not overwelm the turning part which I like. I agree with Mike that it will become one of those things your kids will fight over. Bottom line is that I like it and would be proud to display it on my mantle as you should be.

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    8,627 guys are too nice! Thanks. Guess what? the kids are already fighting over it.....'course then...they fight over everything!

    Bill Stevener gave me an idea though....A very large chess piece with an embedded clock. You know...for chess players who want to know what time it is. Anyway...a pawn or bishop, or maybe even a rook would make a cool desk clock eh?
    Can't do a queen though...Then I'd have to put feet on her.....I guess.
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    Maybe I'm in the minority but I liked it right off the bat.

    Although you know for a chess set ya gotta make 31 more pieces...

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    Aunt Jemima. You made me pass coffee through my nose. Too funny.

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