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Thread: Jimmy clewes tool

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    Peter. Are you saying you get these catches as well using the Bosch setup

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    Sam, no I don't have the Bosch sent up, just use the Mate(s) by hand and when I am careful they cut really well and don't catch. But early on I did get a few catches, probably because after watching the video I thought I didn't have to pay attention but found out that I should.

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    I think this equates nicely to wood turning as well . . . . .

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    I'm late to this but will try to answer. I have both the Mate tools and the Viceroy. I like the Viceroy better. The angles on the cutter work better for me. It handles like a scraper (even though it cuts and leaves a better surface) For that reason you can get what seems like a catch fairly easily if you feet it straight into end grain like on the edge of a platter. Going across the grain is effortless but going straight in can be a problem if you don't do it gently. The area below the cutter does limit the cut but it can still try to take to much of a bite and dig in. You can control this by lowering the handle so more of the "bevel" is touching the wood. This limits how much it will cut. I find it very handy for final cuts where you just want to clean up all the tool marks.

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    A friend came over yesterday and tried out some Hunter tools for the first time. (He used to turn a lot, mostly incredible large bowls, but he was so busy with work and his pottery studio that until his recent retirement he hadn't touched a lathe since the '70s!)

    We didn't have time to try with a face turning like a bowl or platter but we did play with a 2" cherry spindle using the Viceroy, Mate, Osprey, and both Hercules tools. The off-the-tool finish on the cherry was incredible even in the straight-in scraping mode. The cutter is so sharp. Coves are far easier for the inexperienced than using a gouge. Now I feel bad for him and his bank account - he just HAS to have some and knowing him he won't stop with just one. And then the new lathe. Then a set of chucks. Then...


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