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Thread: walnut jewelry boxes

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    walnut jewelry boxes

    IMG_3178.jpgIMG_3179.jpgIMG_3180.jpgIMG_3181.jpgIMG_3186.jpgIMG_3177.jpgIMG_3185.jpgIMG_3184.jpgA friend at my church before Christmas give me 5 perfect walnut boards about 5 3/4 wide and 8 ft log. Than he gave me 3 more walnut boards about the same width and 8 ft long.Plus 3 cherry boards 4 ft long and 7" wide. He said that was an early Christmas present. He wanted me to make him two walnut jewelry boxes. So here are the pictures of them.
    Thanks for looking, Bob Attachment 378569

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    nice work, Bob!
    I built one very similar recently but my top has started to cup. UGH!
    I think it's beyond reasonable repair so I am rethinking options for the remake... I hadn't considered a "rail and stile" approach but I just might try now. With any luck, maybe I can plane the warp out of the existing top and repurpose to a floating panel!

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    Those are right nice.
    Rustic? Well, no. That was not my intention!

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    Thank you Carl.

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    Thank you David

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