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Thread: Question: creating a compound radius on a fretboard?

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    Great story!

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    Thanks John. I have been reading a lengthy book about the life and times of Elmer Keith,one of the greatest six gun experts ever. Bach in the 20's he did nearly all his hunting with a pistol. He managed to pull one and kill a large and dangerous animal when carrying a rifle would not have been effective when being nocked off a horse by a bear,or large elk.

    He was responsible for developing the 44 magnum cartridge and arms for shooting them without blowing up.

    I never want to hunt as I don't want to kill the animals,but I do enjoy target shooting and plinking. Keith is lucky he made it to old age working a ranch and hunting for meat in the mountanious West.

    Reading his book makes me get into tales of my own .

    BTW: back then you could buy an immaculate D'Angelico non cutaway Excel for $3000.00. But my annual income was correspondingly less at that time !!!!
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    I found this list online. It's not comprehensive. For example, my Fender Strat Elite has a compound radius and my Collings I-35 has a 12" radius. The 'playability' of the Collings is exceptional. If I had to give up one of them, it would be the Strat, hands down.

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    I have put a 12" radius on the guitars I have built, and find it to be comfortable. I have done some other radii on custom banjos. I use the 8" long blocks from Stew-Mac, they work nicely and are not too expensive. I' have not tried a compound radius yet, and for your first guitar I would think it might be good to keep it simpler.

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