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Thread: Boss Laser Rotary Options?

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    I agree with the idea of using a 3D printer to make adapter fixtures. This helps your ONE tool accommodate more "round" stuff". I also use common Delrin on my lathe to make simple fixtures.

    Some ideas for how to keep the glass from wobbling:
    1) mix some sand and play-dough. Put it into a small bag. Press this into the bottom of the glass. The play-dough should form to the glass and add the desired weight. The plastic bag is intended to make it easier to remove.
    2) 3D print a lever-spring system. I designed a contraption with a clothes pin spring. The lever puts a wheel inside the glass and the spring pushes it down, onto the roller wheels. It is like "fake gravity". I like using this method when engraving several glasses... It is super fast to load the glass... and I don't risk pressing the play-dough too hard (breaking the glass).
    3) reduce the accelerations, rapid travel speeds, ..etc.
    4) make sure the tail-stock support is not twisted on the rotary base. A twisted tail-stock support will cause the glass to "climb the o-rings" while spinning.
    5) Use a 3D printer to customize your gripper and tail stock support to best fit the glass.
    6) without a positive grip mount on the rotary device... make sure the project is a single pass engraving design. Don't expect to maintain correct position if your glass is just sitting on o-rings.

    I hope we could all help you.. Good luck.
    Ray Scott
    Owner/Engineer at Rabbit Laser USA

    Advice... Never use your tongue as a multimeter.

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    I saw a 3D printer over in the For Sale Classifieds on Sawmill Creek.
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