I am hoping to get some advice on marquetry with hide glue. In the past, I have made several moderately complicated marquetry projects with good success using Titebond cold press glue and a vacuum press. I assemble the marquetry on blue tape, veneer tape the face side, remove the blue tape and press.

I have recently become interested in using hot hide glue and hammer veneering for this process due to multiple potential advantages (curved surfaces without making complicated cauls, wrapping veneers around finished structure, etc). Iím concerned that trying to hammer a complicated panel composed of thin commercial veneers covered with gum tape is going to be a problem. Iíve read everything I can find on the process including some of the info from the American School of French Marquetry (great stuff from Patrick Edwards) that depends on using assembly boards made of special craft paper only made in Europe - not something I currently have. He also seems to be using thicker shop sawn veneers. There is lots of info on hammer veneering in general but not so much of the nitty gritty when dealing with complex marquetry pictures.

I am hoping some of you do this routinely and would be willing to share your workflow - specifically the little details of how you assemble and stick down the finished sheets. Do you hammer or resort to presses even with the hide glue? Does all the hard squeegee work mess up the marquetry and cause you to lose pieces? Do you use veneer tape on the show face and, if so and it gets covered with hide glue, is there any issue in removing to expose the show face? Do I really need to resort to sourcing this exotic craft paper to do this right?

Thanks in advance for any detailed info.