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Thread: Turn an old table saw into ??????

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    How about using the top for a welding table.

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    That table would be fantastic as a router table if you could get the opening cut out.
    Charlie Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Jones View Post
    That table would be fantastic as a router table if you could get the opening cut out.
    I know - been thinking he same thing. Just have not figured out how to make the opening for my Jessum lift. And I really don't like working with metal anyway. Perhaps a trip to a machine shop is in order........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Carey View Post
    I'm thinking the top and the wings could make a great router table if I can enlarge the opening in the top enough to accommodate the lifting bracket on my Jessum router lift. I think thats my first choice, but I've never tried to modify cast iron.

    I've done it to a Powermatic 66 top.

    I made a plate out of a sheet of garolite that I got from McMaster-Carr upon which I mounted my big 3hp Porter Cable plunge router. That sits in a hole cut in the table saw top which enlarges the center of the throat plate opening. Imagine a large circle, slightly larger than the base of the router, overlaid on the center of the existing throat plate.

    I dont have have a router lift. This modification was done 15 or 20 years ago. Long before the lifts came on the scene. I have to adjust it manually. But I'd imagine it could work with a lift.

    I rough cut the hole with a fine blade in a jig saw, coming as close to the line as I could, and then, believe it or not, I pattern routed the finished hole in the cast iron with a cheap carbide router bit. You need serious hearing protection for this step, and it goes very slowly. Don't expect to use the bit for much afterward.

    The original throat plate has some leveling screws that land on four bosses cast under the table. I wanted to use them to level the new plate so the bosses limited the diameter of the hole. I wish it could have been a bit bigger since it's a tight fit getting the router in and out, but I make it work.

    If you are interested, I can take a few photos to post.

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    I would put a cheap bearing in it and sell to help pay for the new one...

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