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Thread: new to me Rockwell 46-525

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    new to me Rockwell 46-525

    it isn't any really any larger than my HF 12 x 33 at 12 x 35. If does have a larger capacity for turning up to 16 inch stock in the gap bed. It has indexing which I don't quite under stand and out board turning capacity. The important thing to me was the lower 340 rpm speed, still variable too. I mounted a 9 inch piece of stock for a bowl on the hF and it walked across the floor at 600 rpm. The Rockwell came with the parts list and a manual for a Delta lathe that sppears to be identical to the Rockwell. It is heavier by about 80 pounds.

    The price was certainly right at less than my HF lathe.

    Does anybody who had or has one have any advice about them that may not be evident to a newbie?

    How is the indexing used? Is there a way to mount a drill or engraver for use with the indexing feature? either on the banjo or some other way. Maybe mount a small drill press on the bed?

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    Oneway makes what they call the DrillWizard, it will hold a drill and can be adjusted fro angle and depth of drilling holes, you use the indexing of your lathe to to set the places you want to drill, like multiple holes in a spiral or other things.

    Here are the use instructions of the DrillWizard, with a few pictures, there are home build jigs, but you will have to find how to make and use them.

    remove this part and the next one this)pdf/Part%203377%20DrillWizard%20half%20Vers%202-2%20Aug%202011.pdf

    Have fun and take care

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    thank you for the reply

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    I believe the indexing pin slides into holes on the drive pulley. That is if the pulley hasn't been replaced.

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