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Thread: Another student makes her first wand

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    Another student makes her first wand

    I posted earlier about a new turner who turned her first wand after her third time at the lathe:

    Her friend Kristina was there at the time and decided she wanted to try one. This was Kristina's fourth project at the lathe. She too quickly learned the one-handed skew technique with the left-hand steady rest. This was her first try, made from cherry. Her design has four "distressed" texture areas, made by stabbing at the spinning wood with a sharp point tool, each outlined with a v-groove with a friction-burned line.

    She was excited to finish it and immediately stated trying to cast spells on me, probably intended to do bodily harm - fortunately she is learning woodturning faster than spell casting! Now she wants to come back and make another one for a gift. Then she wants to learn to make a lidded box, then a hand-bell ornament, then a...

    BTW, Kristina said the skew chisel was a lot easier to use than the spindle gouge.


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    I dunno John, I may have to call Child Protective Services on you, exposing impressionable young ladies to what some claim are addictive activities. . Good job on showing them that their hands are good for more than holding a fondle slab (cell phone).

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    That young lady has some serious skills. Very impressive to say the least. You must be a good teacher.

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