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Thread: An inexpensive dust bucket saw dust level sensor new cheaper parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Space View Post
    I like high tech and all that, but for the chip collector that precedes my dust collector, I simply put a lexan window in the door so I can see how full the trash can is, and this works brilliantly for me.

    Simple, low tech, no batteries to replace, no electronic failures expected...

    I have a Plexiglas window in my chip barrel and can keep a pretty good eye on the level. However, today I thought I could plane just a few more boards and ended up filling up my filter cartridges. It was a huge mess to clean up. I ordered two of the bin level sensors this evening.

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    Update to 9 volt battery as a power supply, as I thought the 9 volt battery does work, but not very long, I had the battery attached to the my dust sensor and the battery lasted two weeks, longer than I expected. John was correct The 9 volt was not a good choice but I had it and it was good for testing the concept of the $4.10 sensor. I will be using a wall wart for the power supply.

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