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Thread: Question about Verizon's Internet security app

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    Question about Verizon's Internet security app

    Does anyone know how well Verizon's Security and Privacy stacks up against the pay-for apps?
    I do not see a link to upgrade so I guess their best is free. But is it any good?

    Thanks. Bill

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    Forgot to mention, all I have is a smart phone.

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    Based on just searching on that application/service, it appears you have an Android device. The description seems like a reasonable accommodation since Android does need to be protected to a certain extent. It appears to be a third party product that VZ has negotiated to be free, if I'm not mistaken from the information I found posted, and it replaces whatever they were offering previously that may have been an in-house solution. Check the reviews in the Google PlayStore...

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    Thanks Jim. A brand name app pops up when I try to go to an unsafe site. Wasn't sure why.

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