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Thread: MFT table top type of work - custom

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    That is great! What is the new dead line? Which items did you buy? Why did you feel that it was better than Parf system? Do you have Veritas benchdog? Tx

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    I spent tons of time on FOG. That is why I post here to look for a reputable CNC. In Fog it was the mainly suggestion because there are not better holes than 1) CNC, 2) routed with LR32 and Festool router and 3) Parf system. I decided to ask for CNC but at this point I might go for Parf. It looks like I can resell when I am done and recoup some of the expenses. Tx

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    Is it an offer? I do not have a CNC.

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    Yes, I love the Parf System. I am currently evaluating if I need a corded drill though. My 2 cordless are not going to to make it. Do you think I need a corded?

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    Thanks Hoang, to have 2 is not an option because of space. I would use the table 45 min a day if lucky. I have a full time job and 2 kids. This activities is on the side. I do not think I will mess up because I will try to use sacrificial board to avoid replacement for something too painful to have. Thanks and enjoy your 3x6 ...sounds like a dream!!

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    I was looking for a 24x50. We are discussing about talking with a CNC shop but I do not have a name. On the other hand I am probably “annoying” because I want things right. To have a table that does not suit the purpose is a waste of time, material and money. In addition ...I am a woman...that does not help either in woodworking. That is why I was looking for a reputable name that was used before by a member. I just stopped going to a local Woodcraft store because of attitude that I did not need. My money are the same money you spend. Anyway, I might just go for the Parf guide and blame myself is something goes wrong. Thanks for your suggestions.

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    The best way to find a CNC is to start going to cab shops that are a reasonable size. When you go you should have a drawing in hand and a .dxf file. Most cab shops have CNC's and if you tell them exactly what you want they may be able to persuade them to make it. Craiglist was another good suggestion. There are lots of shops that do not quite have enough work volume to keep their machines running so they custom cut for other shops. Craiglists is a place some will post these offers. Shipping cost for this part size will add a bit I suspect, so it would be best to find someone nearby you can talk to face to face. It might not be a bad idea to find someone if you like the idea of CNC cut parts for the future.

    If you do not have the software to prepare a drawing post a sketch and I can prepare a drawing and .dxf file for you. It would take me 5 or 10min is all if you sketch is clear.

    I would probably buy the jig suggested and move on with life.

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    The best way to find a CNC operator is to visit our CNC Forum and ask your question. You won't find more qualified operators anywhere that right here at SawMill Creek.

    Laura, your job is a cake walk. It should be very easy to get it done accurately in an hour or less.

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    Thanks Keith, I just bought the Parf system for luck of hope to find a CNC reputable shop...too many negative stories. it looked very complicated. If I failed I will be back to the drawing table

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