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Thread: Tool Prices

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    Tool Prices

    I noticed yesterday that Grizzly and Jet had both increased prices in the range of 7 to 10 percent. Anyone else noticed any increases? I would expect other woodworking equipment companies to follow as well.

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    Noticed that too. Had my eye on a couple of Grizzly items and price went up along with small increase in shipping charges. Almost had enough funds saved to place order ant end of this month but now going to hold off a while and search the used market a lilltle more or wait until there is a sale.
    Seems that when I almost get enough saved up to buy price goes out of my reach again. ��

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    If you are pondering a purchase in October it does you no good to wait till January when the price increases seem to invariably come around. We get a fair number of posts from folks who have waited to buy something for so long that it is now out of reach. I've done that myself and settled for a lesser machine once upon a time. Learn from our errors, if you want something you plan to get in the next few months, don't let those months cross the Christmas season.'s talks about your car. It's screaming "Wash me, please!"

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    In the last one year we saw the exchange rate came down from almost 1 USD = 7 CNY to the current 1 USD = 6.5 CNY... it would explain the price change. It is not a price increasing if you consider these tools are made mainly in China - it is a correction for exchange rate. The USD has lost value against several additional currencies in the last year like GBP, EUR and ILS.

    Yes, it is reasonable to expect every stuff made in China will present some pressure to the same price correction in the next few months if no macro-Economic parameter changes soon.
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    Many factors affect pricing of machinery; exchange rates, changes in taxation and tariffs, inflation, all of the same on raw materials, etc. Many companies do price increases on an annual basis or some other regular period.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    I learned this lesson the hard way a couple weeks ago. Was holding off on an item that I didn't need right away, anticipating the 10% off sale held each December. Well, October rolls around and the price goes up 23%. After getting bit once, I then ordered 3 more big ticket items to avoid repeating my mistake. Glad I did as the additional items were going up significantly on 1/1, 2/1, and 4/1/2018. Many of the price increases were due to the euro appreciating 15% against the dollar last year.

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    UGH! You guys are spooking me. I'm close to buying a SuperMax 19-38 but I am hoping to put it off for a month or so. The price has been steady for years- if it jumps right before I pull the trigger,


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