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    These 4 crucifixes came in for restoration. Typical deteriorating finish/splitting and a total of 9 missing fingers.
    Took them apart, stripped/filled/refinished everything. But mainly wanted to show some fine carving. Iíve carved linden and it is just an amazing wood for holding detail. And interestingly after a cut, you donít need to sand as the finish looks like itís freshly waxed. I used my thumb for reference to scale.
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    Just a few more pics. Another face, more fingers and an overall shot.
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    Hi Mark you sure do a great job on those repairs! Looks like youíve built up a well deserved reputation as a professional in restorations. Well done. Regards Richard

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    Hello Richard. Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well as everyone else here. I guess over time it has worked out well. I do a wide variety of resto work but on statuary ( including the 6í+ plaster ones) the number is over 300. Thankfully something has sunk in.
    Thank you!
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    Mark, thanks for sharing. The detail on those carvings are really nice. The ribs, muscles etc for a carving that size as well as the folds in the wrap are to be admired. Somebody spent a fair amount of time on these!

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    Awesome work Mark. You sure have talent working with stuff so small.
    I could have done the crosses. Maybe...

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    Thanks . I appreciate the kind words. But the real kudos go to the original carver. Seeing them in person and able to turn them over and see just what he did is just marvelous.
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