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    I came into several pieces of one inch EMT conduit. I have a table of lengths to cut the conduit for three octaves of notes and the table includes the length down each tube for hangers. I would like to build a frame to hold the chimes and a 24 note keyboard with hammers to strike the chimes. Has anyone built such a thing? did you get plans can you post pictures. etc.

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    Hi- I don't have anything to post in regard to this project, but I'd like to see the result. And, if you'd be willing, I'd like to have a copy of that table of lengths and hangers. Thanks. -Howard

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    Perhaps base the design on a Celesta

    Perry Hilbert Jr.

    I've not actually seen a keyboard /chimes. If you have to design it, you might use a Celesta as a model:

    In a Celesta, the key-operated hammers are striking the horizontal sounding elements, similar to a Xylophone and then retracting (escapement).

    Here is a Celesta using tuned metal tubes:

    Another DIY Celesta, but with vertical plates:

    In the homemade Celesta video, the builder is striking tuned, vertical rods. For that configuration, it may be possible to adapt an upright piano action as those are striking the vertical strings and releasing. The consideration there is the piano action spacing- about 15/16" on center, which should be sufficient for the conduit.

    An interesting project.

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    It seems all the tubular higher quality chimes I've seen use AL.

    Will the steel EMT "Ring" as well ?

    Just askin, I have no idea... just don't want you disappointed by not testing first.


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