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Thread: Laguna 18-36 - any experience?

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    Laguna 18-36 - any experience?

    I am considering upgrading to this lathe. It comes available in 110v, which would be good for me. Is there a compelling reason to choose 220 over 110?&nbsp;</p>
    Also, how easy are the belt changes when going from low to high speed ranges?</p>
    Last, how do you find the torque at lower speeds?&nbsp;</p>
    I turn green bowls, so roughing larger, heavy blanks at low speed is a something I would like to handle easy.&nbsp;</p>
    I am also considering the Grizzly G0733</p>

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    John Keeton did a great review on the Laguna Revo 18/36, and he loves his. 220V is not hard to setup. You can do it with the same wiring on your 115V. Provided it is at least 14/2 with ground. Just swap out the breaker at the panel [turn off the main first!!!]. Then wire the black and white to one side of the receptacle [the brass colored screws], then ground wire to ground screw on the receptacle. Wire the white and black to hot on the breaker, then the ground to the ground bar in the panel box. Turn the main back on.
    The G0733 is also a great lathe, and has more distance between centers...47 and would be great for spindle work if you turn table legs/bed posts, baulisters, etc. Same 18 swing as the Laguna Revo 18/36, but you will save about $600-$800 and get just as good performance. The Laguna Revo does have a handwheel, but I learned to do just fine without one on my 18/47 G0698, and you can always make one for it out of wood, if you really want a handwheel.....There is a write-up in the GGMG threads on how to do it.
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