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Thread: What did the "holiday elf" bring you for your woodworking addiction?

  1. My son got me a Lee Valley wood carving set. I haven't carved anything besides fireside whittling as a kid.
    I have some basswood around here. Anybody have any tips on getting started?

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    Freud 40 tpi table saw blade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Dwight View Post
    Thomas, you can turn your Fein 350Q into the functional equivalent of the Festool Vecturo. My wife got me the plunge and depth stop attachments and I had to trim the piece that screws to the router a little + get longer screws to hold it on so I could shim it out with 3 1/4 washers per screw + grind the head of the longer screws so they did not protrude. Nothing major and the Festool attachments work fine with the Fein. The Venturo is about $600 and the attachments were well under $150 - so you can do it for about half the cost.
    Why not just get the Fein plunge and depth stop attachments? Even so, I don't know what I used it for? Have any good applications for it? I really hadn't considered it. I mostly wanted the Fein for detailed standing.

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