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Thread: Show me your turning tool storage setups

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Keeton View Post
    It may have been the thread I posted reviewing the Revo 1836 where you saw the under bed storage, but in any event, I have attached a pic for you. The larger "box" under the drawers is a ballast box containing four 60# bags of sand. The tool racks I have are based on a design used by some earlier creekers and a PDF is attached on their construction. Easy to make out of scrap stock and functional. The plastic bins are where I store sandpaper - both discs and sheet stock that I have cut into 12 pieces per sheet. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. As I may have commented before - great choice on a lathe and you are going to really enjoy it. In the pic of the lathe, you will notice I have the headstock moved to the end of the lathe. I just finished a 24" offset platter using the bed extension accessory - so glad I got that!!
    That's nice enough to mass produce! It looks like not only a tool holder, but a tool display, and it's just nice to have things looking so good.

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    Chris, the racks shown in the PDF were those of Jeff and Dan - mine are not "furniture grade", but just as functional. They are quick to build and one can make two or three in just about the same amount of time it takes to build one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene Dixon View Post
    JKJ, Did/do you work at ORNL? I was a coop at Y-12 way back in the time when left handed grass was being invented.</p>
    Yes, I worked at there from 1976 or 7 until I retired in 2006.

    What did you do at Y-12? I did software engineering until sometime in the '90s then switched to 3D modeling/visualization/animation/video until I retired.

    I actually started at the K25 site but at that time all three plants were the same organization. After the split our group was transferred to ORNL but still located at the X10 or Y12 site then was eventually relocated at the X10/ORNL site. I had an office Y12 and X10 but hardly every went - I mostly worked at home and just went in for meetings. BTW, this was the "Dungeon" in my basement before we moved here to the farm:



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    Quote Originally Posted by John K Jordan View Post
    Yes, I worked at there from 1976 or 7 until I retired in 2006. What did you do at Y-12? <snip> dungeon_edited_low.jpg JKJ
    What did I do? Hhhmmm. Since I was a coop, nothting spectacular. Powder metallurgy R&D and welding development mostly. Maybe in a couple of days I&#39;ll remember the building numbers.

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    Thank you all for the various ideas!Currently assembling the lathe!Will report back here on how I make out.

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    John, Thanks for your review, one of the pivotal pieces of my decision making to get this lathe. Laguna should probably pay u a royalty; I know a few other folks bought this lathe after reading your piece.If u dont mind, send me another pic or two with a close up shot of the sand ballast setup and the drawer above that.I recently took a weekend class at NBSS for bowl turning; it was a blast - they let us use Doug Thompson's tools and powermatic lathes.I cant wait to start turning on the Laguna.

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    Ashwini, pics of the ballast box wouldn’t show much. It is nothing more than two 2x12s sitting in the slots cast in the legs, with the ends of the box being sections of the 2x12 cutoffs. Apply ledger strips to hold a plywood bottom, put in four bags of sand and install a plywood top. Pretty basic stuff. I just used some cheap leftover black paint to make it blend with the lathe. The drawer section is a separate unit that sits on top of the box and screwed to the top of the box with a couple screws to keep it from shifting.

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