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Thread: Direct Color Systmes UV1024 with 3d Texture

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    Direct Color Systmes UV1024 with 3d Texture

    I recently picked one of these machines up and had to put $2k of parts / service into, but it's working / printing absolutely beautifully..... Since I've purchased I've been getting calls and inquires for work that I couldn't have done before. My question is to any of you who have any type of direct to sub UV printer.... HOW DO YOU PRICE IT OUT? I just did some hockey puck samples and think costs were nothing!! I have a guy coming tomorrow with cell phone cases... a few samples and if the end user likes them there will be hundreds of them in sets of 10-25 per design.... Another customer wants to print on supplied glass bottles, just did a sample for that too... ink costs is literally 3 cents. I know there is more than just ink costs when pricing a job, but most of these being one offs or low production run..... how do you really price it out.... THANKS in advance!
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    You might get a answer over on Engraving Etc forum as a few have them and are active in posting.

    Way back, I wanted a 1024 but decided to stick to sublimation and a smaller business plan for this one man small shop.

    Good Luck

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