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Thread: Used Craftsman 12" band saw model 119 224000. Any experience with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Pisano View Post
    Would like to see pictures, too. I bought a new craftsman 12" bandsaw in 1978. The only thing I've had to replace was wheel bearing once.
    That's likely the same model I retired about 2 years ago. Minor failures over the years including needing a new motor. It finally had a failure in the upper arm assembly that I couldn't find parts for. Bought new around that same time, retired in 2015. Totally got my money's worth.

    I have it stored here, just can't bring myself to junk it.

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    DSC_0002.jpgDSC_0001.jpgDSC_0004.jpgDSC_0003.jpgHere are the pics as promised. Does look like the Rikon 10". Research shows me it's a 2005 model 12". Cost me $47 in parts to get it up and running smoothly. The unit was given to me free after one tire snapped and the on/off switch was inoperable. Motor appears to be sound. Guides seem a little stiff. This is my 2nd bandsaw in the shop so I can keep my 16" Grizzly as a dedicated resaw unit. What do you guys think?

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    I'd say you got a good deal. Clean up that table a bit, good to go.

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    Yeah, the table does need cleaning! But that cast-iron table is bigger and better than the one on my 16" Grizzly. Go figure...

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