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Thread: Alaskan MkIV vs Panthermill 2

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    Alaskan MkIV vs Panthermill 2

    After logging ( no pun intended! ) more than 100 hours on my 36” Alaskan Mill, I realize that I need a larger Mill for some crotches. While I am not necessarily unhappy with the Alaskan Mill, partially because I have nothing to compare it to, I am interested in the panther Mill. They are much cheaper. I need to get a 60 inch Mill. Can anyone give me a true comparison of the two.? I realize there’s not much going on here with these Mills, so not much can really go wrong. But, if there is something obvious that stands out with your experience it with a panther Mill, please fill me in.

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    Hopefully this isn't too late to help you out, but customer service on the Panther Mill seems to be lacking. I've heard a couple stories that people were quoted 6 week lead times on them only to wait much much longer than that and get the run around when they called.

    They are not as nice as the Alaskan Mill either. The Alaskan can be fairly easily upgraded from a 36" to whatever I think. They sell rail only kits that replace the rails on your 36" and turn it into a longer kit (for much cheaper than a new mill).

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