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Thread: Selecting a Surgeon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Lippman View Post
    Why do they say to avoid XYZ? Unless they had a darned good reason, I would go with your surgeon's recommendation.

    Dr XYZ has good bedside manner, but she has developed a medical issue that is quite noticeable . She's still licensed. The Dr's office who did a laser retina repair for me years ago may not have even met her, but they did recommend her.
    Obviously any professional can develop a problem on any day. No license board can check someone often enough to make sure they don't have a sudden medical issue or drink on the job.
    I'm glad I have friends in the business.

    "Whether you think you can, or you think you canít - youíre right."
    - Henry Ford

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    Quote Originally Posted by roger wiegand View Post
    Unfortunately anecdotal evidence, beyond "she has a nice smile", "he patiently listened to me complain for 20 minutes", or "they called me back after three days to see how I was doing", tells you nothing about the quality or competence of medical providers. I'd personally rather have a competent curmudgeon than a less competent doc that ticks all the boxes for great bedside manner.
    Last year I had a lengthy procedure with a local. The surgeon took the opportunity to berate me for having taken early retirement.
    He is supposed to be the best in his field; I couldn't care less what he says, as long as he does it right.

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